Michelle Wie Makes a Funny on Rush

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Michelle Wie is the 16-year-old golfer from Hawaii who has stunned golfers and sports fans in general by her advanced game. She has also stirred up a bit of a controversy because, like Anika Sorenstam before her, she has been given invitations to play on the men’s tour. But, unlike Sorenstam who only played in one tourney, Wie has accepted several and has said she’d love to play on PGA Tour.

In a recent Time Magazine article, she was told that radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her “a triumph of marketing,” an attempt to dismiss her as a legitimate golfer. Wie’s response was priceless if typical of a 16-year-old:

Wie, the No. 2 ranked woman golfer, said, “Huh? Who’s that?”

When told he hosts a radio talk show, she said, “I don’t listen to the radio much.”

She hammered him and didn’t even know it. Nice.

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