Mayor Puts His Beat Down on Illegal Dumpers

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I voted for Bill White and this is exactly the kind of thing that makes me glad I did. White, who has struggled with things like the Safe Clear program but has mostly had a successful tenure thus far as mayor, decided to play law officer over the weekend.

White has set his sights now on illegal trash dumping and even got his hands dirty nabbing a couple of illegal dumpers while on a bike ride.

The Chronicle reported this morning that White was on a bike ride with a few other local politicians surveying the Independence Heights area for signs of illegal dumping and actually ran into a couple of them personally.

While on a cycling tour through Independence Heights on Sunday, White, clad in baggy biking pants, confronted two men who were allegedly dumping construction debris in an open ditch along the street. Many of the boards had nails sticking out.

“I asked the two fellows what they were doing, one said they were putting out heavy trash for pickup,” said White. “It makes me mad that people prey on some of these vulnerable neighborhoods. I told them this is illegal and this isn’t right.”

Police arrested the two men for illegal dumping. Watch out boys. There’s a new sheriff in town. Hilarious.

State Senator Rodney Ellis, who was with the mayor on this ride and has accompanied him previously on similar rides even being aided by the mayor when he fell and broke his arm, had this to add:

“I’m not sure if I would have gone up to them,” Ellis said. “I’ll check on the state giving him a citation for bravery.”

Nicely done, mayor. Keep it up.

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