Marriage Suck? Have an Affair…Online

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I fully believe that sex has contributed to both the advancement of and the deterioration of the internet. On the advancement side, there is no question that technology has sped up to meet the demand of porn freaks. I once heard that if you removed porn and spam from the internet, you would increase everyone’s connectivity speed by 200 percent. The anonymity of the web is built for folks who want to get their freak on sans the ridicule and/or brown paper wrapper.

On the other hand, you have this. Yeah, that’s right, it’s the Ashley Madison Agency, an online site promoting infidelity for women. The tagline: When Monogamy Becomes Monotony. Well, that’s just fantastic.  First off, “Ashley Madison Agency?”  It sounds like an advertising firm for debutants.  A more appropriate name might have been the “I’m Too Chicken to REALLY Cheat Agency” or “Mmmmm…Adultery.”
The site is for “women seeking romantic affairs and the men who want to fulfill them.” It’s not as if they want to get a divorce. Oh, no, that would be much too easy and send you packing straight for hell. This is far more complicated and dangerous. It’s got virtually (yes, that was a pun) everything you want in an affair and so much more.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like my affairs the way they were meant to be, anonomys and drunk in the bathroom of an ice house…or with a prostitute. This website thing seems, I dunno, tacky somehow. But, that’s me. I’m traditional.

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