Many Spooky Returns This Halloween Weekend

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Another weekend wrap-up. I swear I’m going to get back to regular updates, but things have been nuts, so this is the best I can do for the moment.

Had a great weekend full of glamour and intrigue. Ok, maybe not, but it was fun and here are the details.


I actually had a very productive day on Friday. I met with what appears to be a new client in the morning, spoke with another new client on my way back from that meeting and then met with George and Sara Cress to do an interview because orange is in is will be the featured band in the Houston Chronicle on November 10.

The Chron has done a great job of beefing up its local music section and Sara is one of two primary writers. George and I did the interview mainly to make it easy. Chris is out of town and it can sometimes be tough to line up things for multiple people. This was just a quick lunch and interview – easy.

We wanted to push the story back to coincide with the new CD release date in late January, but that didn’t work out. We are really happy to be in this one.

I managed to get by Southern Imports later that day to pick up my costume for the parties on Saturday night. Fun stuff.

That evening, I went to see my friends’ band Bash at Fitz dowstairs. I took my recording stuff for live and recorded them. They get better each time I see them.

I made it back home an caught a movie before crashing.


Rebecca and I went out for breakfast and then I made a run to Michael’s and Target for some last minute supplies for my costume.

She helped me pick out letters for my t-shirt that I was going to wear that night.

I got home and was lazy pretty much all day. I had to run to Spec’s to pick up some cigars (more below) and then I ironed the letters onto my shirt.

Ok, so the costume. I went as Pimp Clinton. Basically, I wore a pimp suit with a Bill Clinton mask. I had a cigar and was wearing a t-shirt that said “VOTE HERE” with an arrow pointing down (credit my friend, Kate for that idea).

Don’t know how I came up with that one, but it seemed pretty funny.

I was planning on going to two parties that night, but ended up just hanging out at my step sisters’ house all night for their party. I had a really good time. They have some funny friends.

The costume seemed to be well-liked although I will definitely go with something next year that doesn’t require a mask UNLESS it is not integral to the costume. Having to wear a mask was a pain and that thing was gone well before the night was over.

I missed out on what I’m sure was a crazy party at the Workman’s. I wanted to go to that one as well, but I really was enjoying myself at Jenny & Angie’s.

Overall, a very fun night and a late one at that.


Basically, I did a whole lot of nothing. I slept in – while falling back – and then watched football all day.

Prettly lazy Sunday, thankfully.

Fun weekend with Halloween tomorrow. I need candy for the kids. Yikes!

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