Lots of Changes in a Short Period of Time

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Funny how life works, isn’t it. Everything changes all the time, but sometimes, it changes dramatically in an instant. This week has be choc full o’ changes of the rapid variety with still more to come as the next two weeks progress.

Rebecca and I finalized our divorce on Monday. That was a strange process. I feel very fortunate to have had a marriage with such a wonderful person who I still count among the closest friends I expect I’ll ever have. It sucks when things come to an end, but she and I will always be very close and I’m extremely thankful for that.

I got the loan approved to re-finance my house yesterday. I go to close on Wednesday. Not only will this consolidate my debt, it will allow me to make some much-needed repairs to the house. I’m looking forward to getting through with all that.

I went into the studio last night to do basic tracks for the orange is in record. We worked at Sugar Hill Studios with Josh Applebee and Robbie Parrish until 2am. We got GREAT drum and bass sounds and will finish up that tonight. We expect to finish up the CD in late August and release it in October.

On top of all this, the business has been very busy lately and I’m starting to have construction people come around to give estimates on repairs for the house. Factor in gigs in Killeen, Surfside this weekend and Corpus Christi the weekend after the 4th and you get a picture of my crazy.

At least the summer won’t be boring, right?

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