Looking Better by the Hour

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Well, Rita has weakened a little more and it appears to be moving a little more north than northwest apparently heading for a collision with the eastern Louisiana coast.

I’m still “hunkered down” (seeming, the buzzword for all news teams in town) here in Montgomery watching news and on the net.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know if my dad made it to Jefferson in northeast Texas. I’m going to call in a few minutes.

They slept in a parking lot for a few hours last night and had to abandon my stepmother’s car due to a blown power steering pump. They hope to have it towned once the storm passes, but the car is in Beaumont. Yikes.

All is still well here. We’re seeing the winds pick up to around 20mph. If the current track keeps up, we’re probably looking at a few hours of 40-50mph winds and around 2-3 inches of rain. That’s like a strong Texas summer thunderstorm.

Not too bad considering where we were a couple days ago with a monster category 5 hurricane off the coast bearing down on Galveston with 165mph winds.

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