Long Day of Recording was Worth It

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Spent about 8 hours on Saturday recording bass parts for several projects. It was well worth it as the tracks came out good.

Chris and I took the time to polish off a few tracks for Stacey Steger’s CD project. I really like the stuff Leesa (my drummer from SlapShifter and orange is in) and I did on her songs.

Stacey has a very early Liz Phair quality to her stuff – it’s very raw and emotional and should come out very good when finished.

Chris and I spent the rest of the day doing bass for SlapShifter and orange is in – both for demos the bands are doing. I thought everything turned out great.

It was my first long session doing fretless. I really have become font of that instrument. There is something very expressive about the fretless and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good my intonation has been.

We actually got the bass sounds by mixing three sends – 1 direct through a Focusrite preamp and 2 mics on my 2×10 SWR cabinet. We used a Sennheiser 421 directly on one of the speakers and a Rode NT2 set back about 2 1/2 feet from the tweeter. Really nice warm sound.

I’m heading back in on Tuesday to knock out the remaining bass tracks, acoustic guitar for both bands and some backing vocals. We hope to have everything finished by mid-June.

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