Lisa Loeb Goes Reality TV

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And not on Food Network. Apparently, Ms. Loeb is re-entering the dating scene for the first time since college. She and her ex, Dweezil Zappa (son of the late Frank Zappa), split late last year and she thought that putting her dating perils on TV would be good for ratings.

E apparently thinks so as well.

First, let me just comment that Lisa Loeb is someone that I find to be, well, how shall I say it…hot? Yes, that’s it. Someone recently referred to her as my “dream girl.” I wouldn’t exactly go that far, but you get the idea.

But, alas, I do not plan to move to NYC where she lives to pursue romance amongst the muggers and joggers of Central Park. Despite my fond feelings for the Dallas native, I shall refrain as much because I hate reality TV as anything.

From the story:

Meanwhile, the Grammy-nominated Loeb said she believes the show will be a way to “connect with more people on a larger scale.”

“I decided to do this TV series because what I do as a musician and songwriter is connect to an audience, so why not take that to another level,” Loeb said.

The show is called “#1 Single” and will air in eight episodes. Yikes. She’s still hot, but that is downright scary. Pass. She can always come to Houston… 🙂

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