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I haven’t had a Walkman in a long time. It isn’t that I don’t like them. It’s just that I don’t often need to carry music around with me. I tend to either be in my truck or sitting by my computer. Either way, I have plenty of ways to listen to music.

But, recently, I thought the iShuffle sounded like something I would like if for no other reason than working out. I don’t need a full iPod to hold 500 songs. I’m not going to be running for 10 hours straight – well, at least not today.

What is great about the little guy is how tiny it is. It is literally the size of a stick of gum and probably about that heavy. It comes with a nylon cord that attaches right to it and goes around your neck. Put on the little ear buds and you are off.

It doesn’t skip at ALL while running and has a playlist of around 100 songs total. I dug up about 80 songs I thought would be good for working out and it still had a decent amount of room left on it after I loaded it up. With iTunes, I can just select the playlist I want it to choose from and it grabs the songs from that list making it easy to update it at any time.

The switch on the back turns it on in plain play mode which just plays songs in order or in Shuffle mode which plays the songs randomly from the list. There are times that I’ve had to fast forward because I didn’t want to hear the song it selected, but it is very easy to manage and perfect for running.

I love this little thing and although I’ve never thought I would need an iPod, I am really glad I picked up this little bad boy.

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