Let’s Just Call This “Hell Week”

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I’ve wanted to post this week. I really have. But, there are the things we want to do and the things we are ABLE to do. This has not been a week very conducive to posting on my blog. Between an absolutely insane week at work, band stuff, photography stuff and Rockets training camp/media day, things have been slightly out of control.

Suffice it to say my house is a wreck, I’ve been living off of take out and my dvr is jammed with shows.

Yesterday, I went to assist and help shoot pictures at a wedding Katya was working – her first wedding job as a photographer. Woot. It was at the Renaissance Festival and was really lovely. Someone asked me afterward, “Did you have time to go wander around and enjoy the fest?” LOL! Katya joked when we were getting water on our way out that the woman who got our water was the first one she had heard say “Me Lord” or “Me Lady” all day.

Tons of great photos of the wedding were taken and Katya will be sorting through them probably for days. The Ren Fest was the Ren Fest – crazy and filled with pale, busty, scantily-clad wenches and dudes dressed up in s&m gear. It’s kinda like a Star Trek convention for Tolkien fans.

It’ll be nice to get a chance at some point to just go to the fest without literally walking from the door to the chapel to the reception to the chapel to the door.

As usual, Katay’s photos are unreal and she learned alot like always bring the laptop fully charged, have LOTS of flash cards and reflectors might be your best friend evar.

More to come as I get caught up with other things.

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