Lesbians, Drag Queens, Castaway, Xtina and Rock n’ Roll

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I did a show with my good friend, Stacey Steger, last night at Chance’s down in le Montrose. Chance’s is always an interesting place to play because it is a lesbian bar. It was a good crowd and I thought we played well. And, of course, there is never a dull moment in the heart of Montrose.

The television choices, first off, were kinda interesting. They had the Texans game on for a while, but when that was over, I think they forgot about it and, for the first half of our show, they were showing Castaway. One tv is pointed right at the stage and, frankly, the damn thing was distracting. Damn you, Tom Hanks!

After they finally figured that out, they popped in a Christina Aguilera DVD. The live performance of her in next to nothing being randomly groped by male and female dancers seemed oddly appropriate, but at least not as distracting as Hanks and his damn volleyball.

There was some dancing, much of it by a really friendly pair of drag queens. One of them was a bass player and asked me a few questions afterward. I like to consider myself open minded and I obviously have no problems with men who like dressing in drag, but damn if it wasn’t distracting trying to carry on a serious conversation about music gear with a guy in full makeup and a blonde wig. Nice guy though.

But, since the theme of this blog post seems to have become distractions…

At one point during the night, there were the two drag queens and two, honestly, fairly hot lesbians on the floor dancing. The women were not only dancing, but dirty dancing and making out pretty intensely. The drummer and I laughed in between songs that our brains weren’t exactly sure how to process all that information at once. It was like, “Yes…NO…yes…NO!!!…YES!…NO NO NO!!!” Ah, the joys of rock and roll.

Overall, a fun gig and a people-watching joy. Now, if these gigs could just finish at 11:30pm instead of starting at that time. Damn, I sound like an old geezer.

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