Learning to Be Healthy

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When I was a kid and into my early 20’s, I was thin – rail thin. At one point, I was 6 feet tall and weighed about 155 pounds. I mean, that is freakin’ thin. Then, the combination of age and a significant back injury changed things.

In the span of two years, I went from 155 to 250 and I stayed that way for quite a few years. I had always been thin. Being heavy was difficult not just because I went from a 32 waist to a 38, but because I couldn’t do a lot of things I’d always done – play basketball, play raquetball – well, at least not like before.

On top of the weight, I was lazy. I thought I could keep eating the same crap I did at 20 and get away with it. Wrong-o.

A few months back, I began the slow process of learning how to get back into shape. I never realized just how difficult it is to LOSE weight. Gaining and even maintaining isn’t nearly the problem that losing is.

And, frankly, it isn’t so much weight as it is changing my body. Going from a pudgy lazybones to a fit, active person is harder than I thought, but also much more satisfying than I ever thought.

I used to hate to workout unless it was attached to some meaningful activity. I would play basketball for hours, but you wouldn’t catch me dead lifting weights or running on a treadmill or on a track.

I’m now up to running at a pretty damn good clip for 15 minutes straight on the treadmill six days a week and lifting weights for my arms three times a week and twice a week for my shoulders.

I really am beginning to enjoy it. It makes me feel good and I can see big differences in just a month of full-time running and lifting. I can wear clothes that I had never been able to wear and have gone from a 38 waist to a 34. Pretty good stuff.

I’ll admit that the toughest thing has to be abs. I just don’t like doing crunches at sit ups at all. They suck. I do them a few times a week because I know they help, but I freakin’ can’t stand them.

The hope for me is that I can get back to being thin, but this time in good shape instead of just being thin and weak. I know that being in my mid-30’s means this is one of the best opportunities I will have to adjust my metabolism in the right direction while I am still young and active.

Ultimately, if I can get down to about 185 and feel good, I’ll be pretty damn happy as long as happy comes with a side order of ice cream. 🙂

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