Ladies Night on Sixth Street

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There are some nights when you just have to play for yourself. There are other nights when you have no choice. Last night in Austin was the latter as orange is in kicked ass…for no one. Not totally true as the three people who were there when we started made it through about two-thirds of the set.

David Lee Roth described one of the songs on his first solo album, Eat ‘Em and Smile, by telling the story that he, guitarist Steve Vai and bassist Billy Sheehan were in a bar near their recording studio in LA. It was middle of the week and there were just a couple of people there besides them. One rather large woman walked by and Sheehan, who was from the Buffalo/Rodchester area of New York said, “Man, looks like ladies night in Buffalo.”

After the laughter subsided, they actually turned that line into a song that made it onto the record.

While I’m not sure we’ll get a song out of it, we did play our asses off and hopefully impressed at least the people who run the club enough to invite us back on a weekend. Sixth Street was a freakin’ morgue last night, but so go Wendesday nights.

There are pictures to prove we were there in the photo gallery and we really did have a good time.

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