Lack of Posting Due to Re-Loading

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So, since I last posted, I’ve basically been obsessing over this proposed Steve Francis for Tracy McGrady deal. It’s just ridiculous and I’m worn out by the whole thing…

I’m not even going to go into all the details or how the GM for the Orlando Magic makes me want to kick him in the crotch. I’ll just stick with my craziness.

All I’ve done over the past few evenings is re-load pages on the BBS and on Google News among others looking for the latest on T-Mac and the Rockets.

I re-load every few minutes looking for new posts on the BBS. I watch TV, listen to the sports talk shows, even call people I think will know something. Damn, it is frustrating.

The sad part is I shouldn’t really even care. If it happens or if it doesn’t, there is not a damn thing I can do either way. I want the Rockets to do well, but wasting away in front of my computer monitor is not helping.

Maybe the new 20″ iMac I plan on getting next week will make it eaasier on my eyes. Yeah, that’s it…I just need a bigger screen and I’ll be able to keep dozens of browser windows open monitoring everything at all times…FOREVER!!! MU WAH HA HA HA!!!

God, I need some sleep.