KHOU’s Lisa Foronda Helping with Katrina Victims’ Pets

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Saw this one early today from one of the people who helps out with Mr. K’s animal shelter. My friend, Erin, sends out emails on dogs and cats from the shelter fairly often and I’ve been fortunate enough to help place some animals myself.

Lisa Foronda, achorperson from Houston’s channel 11, is helping with foster caring for animals who are not allowed in shelters. This sounds like an excellent way to help out the victims of Katrina and their pets.

This is from the email…

Lisa Foronda with KHOU has created a website at to keep you up to date on animal needs in the wake of Katrina.

One thing the refugees desperately need are fosters for their family pets. If you can foster a pet, please email Lisa at and let her know how many animals/type you can board, for how long, cost (or not), phone number, and address.

Lisa has personally spoken with the CEO of Houston’s Red Cross Chapter about the best way to contact evacuees who need shelter for their animals. He has asked Lisa to email him a list of people who have space available, and he will forward that to all the local Red Cross shelters, who will be able to distribute that information to evacuees.

Please let her know ASAP. She is in the process of making an excel sheet that she will forward to him this evening.

Thank you all very much and thank you Lisa!

Please help if you can.

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