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I know that you are all just dying to hear about my life.  Well, you should be because I am OH SO fascinating…and humble.

I started working out again.  I feel better about this than not working out though I must admit my will power is severly lacking. Mostly, I don’t want to be fat, but I find that isn’t always the best motivator because one part of my brain says, “Oh, who cares if you are fat?  You’re a stud!” Once the other side of my brain stops laughing, I realize that I’m also healthier when in better shape, plus I don’t have to be offered oxygen by septegenarians when I seem exhasuted after climbing a flight of stairs at the mall.

I found out today that what I thought was a stuck CD in my laptop drive was actually a bad optical drive.  Fortunately, my computer is under warranty and I have my desktop until that one is fixed.  One thing that did kinda freak me out was leaving the machine at the store after signing a document saying I wouldn’t hold them responsible if they lost all my data.  Gulp.  While there isn’t much on that machine other than software (a pain to restore, but possible), I realized tonight that all the photos from my trip to California are on there.  Yikes!  I’m going in the morning with my firewire drive to back them up.

I’ve also been going to shows a little more.  Katya has a big wedding shoot this weekend so it’s either go see bands or sit at home and eat leftover Halloween candy.  Did I mention I was trying to get into shape?

Last night, I went to Rudz and saw my dear friends of many years, James and Gavin, and their band, Bash.  The Phlegmatics and Permanent Daylight, both very cool local bands, shared the bill.  It was a good turnout and all sounded good.  Chris showed up and he and I spent most of the night either talking like we were from New York (this fuckin’ band rocks, you know what I’m sayin’?) or from deep in East Texas (I’m fixin’ to commence to get busy) both at Rudz and at One’s a Meal afterward.  Ah, good times.

Today, I went to my good friend Lupe’s new coffee bar and club, Bohemeos, to book a gig for orange is in December 9.  Really cool little place very close to UH on Telephone and Lockwood.  If you are in the area, you should most definitely stop by.  If you have a band, go book with him.  He has a nice PA system, lighting and you get whatever you charge at the door.

Tonight, I’m going to see my friend Ray Cherry’s band, Low Budget Thrilla.  I haven’t seen him before, but I’m looking forward to it.  He comes out to a lot of orange is in shows and he’s a bass player, so he’s got to be cool, right?

This weekend should be un-eventful. I expect to do lots of incredibly exciting things like laundry and cleaning cat boxes. It should be a thrill a minute in the life of a jet setter like me.  Frankly, it’s tough to be as cool as I am, but I manage somehow. Le sigh.

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