Just a Few More Days to Go

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After five months and countless hours in the studio, the first full-length orange is in CD is almost in the books. Chris and I finished up the last recorded parts last night – a few guitars.

We do some editing Sunday night and then do our last full day of mixdown on Tuesday.

After that, it is one more mixdown day the following Monday to fix anything from previous mixes and we are done. We ship the disc off to mastering on Tuesday the 13th and should have the master back by the beginning of the next week.

Once we get it back, it goes off to get pressed and packaged.

This has been a complicated process. We have done a lot of things right, but I’ve learned a great deal as well.

I’ve learned that whoever works with us in the future will need to be in on the process – engineers, etc – so they know what we are doing and where we are going.

I learned that there should be at least a couple of weeks separating tracking and mixdown and that doing rough mixes during tracking is really important.

I learned that all edits should be done prior to going to mixdown.

I learned that I prefer the tracking process to mixdown.

Mainly, I learned to stay organized and enjoy the process. Getting frustrated is the quickest way to destroy creativity. Oh, yeah, and stay on budget. 🙂

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