July Promises to Be a Busy Month

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Looks like my weekends are going to be busy in July with band gigs and dj work. Oh, had I not mentioned the dj stuff?

So, my gigs in the month of July, musically, include playing at least twice with Slapshifter and at least once with orange is in though I believe that will probably go up just a tad.

But, in addition to that, I am doing some DJ gigs as well. George (my songwriting partner from orange is in) and his brother have a dj company called DJBrothers.com and they occassionally throw work my way when they get overloaded.

My wife, Rebecca, and I go and usually have a pretty good time spinning CD’s for people. We actually are doing one today! In July, we have two more. The good thing about these gigs is that they pay will and will definitely help pay for that new computer. Drool.

Plus, it isn’t awful to know that music you are playing, even if you aren’t actually PLAYING it, makes people happy.

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