I’ve Been Fooled by a Costumed Chicken

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And I thought this site was just another great moment in internet history. Apparently, I was wrong.

In a stroke of what can only be considered marketing genius, SubserviantChicken.com, a website with a kook in a chicken outfit who responds to visitor commands, turns out to be a schill for Burger King.

But, as if to ease our fears that they might sell out, Burger King is assuring us that their wacky chicken won’t be a sellout.

I’m not what this bodes for the San Diego Chicken, Clutch the Rocket Bear or even that sausage woman in Milwaukee who got clubbed by the Pirates Randall Simon last season, but thank GOD Burger King isn’t going to sellout.

I mean, if there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a fast food restraunt stooping to turn an underground phenom like chicken-boy into a mainstream success and ruining it for everyone.

I mean, it isn’t like they are pimping 99 cent burgers using a giant-headed hamburger mascot or anything.

Speaking as a vegetarian, I really don’t care what they do. Speaking as someone who really appreciates a good marketing campaign, I say bravo to BK for their clever use of the interent. Speaking as a skeptic, I say, “Golly, thanks for not taking your viral marketing effort to the masses and ruining it.” Aye.

Speaking as someone who needs sleep, I say “Goodnight!”

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