It’s Freakin’ Hot in Here!!!

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And, no, it’s not just me. Har dee har har. My a/c went out yesterday and the fixit guy is on his way. Fortunately, my office/rehearsal room has central a/c separate from this one and the bedroom has a window unit. But, sitting at this desk in the heat is ridiculous. I may drive around for a few hours in my air conditioned trudk. 🙂

Update: Tracy Anderson with Greater Houston High Tech Mechanical Services showed up about an hour ago and now the a/c is fixed! Woo hoo!

It was only $95! Turns out, a lizard got into the a/c unit and walked across the elctrical contacts shorting out the wires. The wires got replaced and the breaker switch flipped back on and now it is cooling down in the house.

RIP garden lizard.

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