It Would Be Funny if it Weren’t So Sad…

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Apparently, city names like Austin, Cheyenne and Dakota are not good enough for us baby-name-crazy Americans. No, we have to stoop to brand names.

I thought it was weird when parents started naming their children Jordan after Michael Jordan (Mike, after all, was already a popular name) and then came all the Cheyenne’s and Dakota’s. Of course, there was that period when every girl was either Amber Tiffany or Tiffany Amber.

But, how did we go from that to L’Oreal and Del Monte. I mean, ESPN??? Seriously?

“Ok, kids, settle down. Time for roll call. ESPN Adams?”

My father once had a student named, and I’m not joking, Aquinetta, and we always wondered if her mom was a fan of the hair spray. I guess this confirms it.

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