Interesting Weekend – Hope This Week Slows Down

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My past couple months have been more than hectic. Between large business projects, band stuff, house repairs, finding time to actually have something resembling a life outside of that has been a challenge.

This weekend was an odd mix of different things from helping friends move to sporting events to photography jaunts. I’m hoping for a quieter week so I can have a little time to relax.


Had a meeting with our biggest client Friday morning. This is a project that I hope to be removed from in part within a couple weeks. We’re bringing in a new project manager for it and have a new developer on line as well. That will help and I need to work on other projects.

I got together with my good friend, Angie, and her fiance, Collen, Friday evening for dinner at George’s Pastaria. Good stuff. I retired that evening and watched some rented movies. Pretty basic stuff.


Rebecca and I headed to lunch at my favorite Chinese place, Tien Ren. Always good to have lunch there and the company was quite enjoyable as usual.

Once I got back, I turned around and headed right back out to help Angie and Collen move. That was something. Her movers didn’t show up and only a handful of us ended up moving all of her furniture in the 95+ degree heat. I was happy to help and, honestly, that was a helluva workout. Maybe I should try my hand at moving…maybe not.

After a shower, I met my friend Leland to go to the Texans game. One of my really great clients gave us tickets to the preseason game and my biz partner, Dave, couldn’t go. Leland was sort of a last minute replacement for Chris who had to work. The seats were great – second level in the end zone. Very cool.

After the game, we grabbed some food at Bennigan’s and talked. Leland is a cool guy – great guitarist and photographer. Somehow, we seemed to mostly talk about hot girls. What’s the deal with that? 🙂


I crashed early and the next morning, Leland, his sister Gina and I went to the Forbidden Gardens to shoot some pictures. It was VERY hot out, but that is a fascinating place. I felt bad for them the fact that people can only stroll the ground in guided tours due to vandalism.

While we were there, one kid climbed up on a statue and started riding it like a horse!!! WTF???

I had some lunch and kicked back for the day to watch a movie or two and here I am.

Pretty nice weekend overall. I still want to go see 40 Year Old Virgin, but maybe I’ll get a break during the week to catch it. Hmmmm…

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