Inspired by the Office?

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On the last episode of The Office, Jim revealed his penchant for sending Dwight faxes on Dwight’s own letterhead.  He would address them to Dwight FROM Dwight from the future.  Hilarity ensues.

Well, apparently, you can really do that by sending an email message to yourself in the future.  How weird is that?  I am so tempted to send myself a message like a year in the future that says, “I told you to clean up your room!” or “I tried to warn you that you’d go blind from that.”  There’s also the simple messages like “Happy Birthday, you freak!” and “Life is suffering. Remember?” and “Stop picking your nose!”
But, then that odd existential angst kicks in and I start thinking, “Yeah, but what if I’m dead when the message is supposed to arrive?” or “What if the message touches me so deeply because I’m so different that I sob for the past I wish still existed?”

At that point, after taking a half dozen anti-anxiety pills, I begin to realize that any email to my future self is really just an exercise in futility as I will have evolved beyond the need for email in the future and will only communicate via trans kinetic telepathy, whatever that is.  I’m not that bright.

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