In the Midnight Hour, She Cried Ho Ho Ho!

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Billy Idol ChristmasWhat is the deal with all the holiday album silliness? We’ve had the Twisted Sister abomination to go along with others including Sufjan Stevens, Aimee Mann, James Taylor, Robin Gibb, Brad Paisley and more predictable fare.

Now, a Billy Idol Christmas album? It’s true.

I’m not sure what scares me more about this, but I’ll list the top 3 possibilities in no particular order:

The fact that the songs are sung in as traditional caroles.

Did anyone see that coming? From pseudo-punk to Bing Crosby (more on that in a minute), Idol is handling classic songs like White Christmas in traditional form like you’d hear from Percy Faith and his Orchestra. Seriously!

The Bing Crosby-meets-David Bowie shit-eating grin he has on the cover.

It makes me feel all weird and uncomfortable inside. I don’t know if he’s stoned, poking fun at us for looking or dead serious. The idea that he might be dead serious strikes fear to my core. It’s one thing for Rod Stewart to make schlock because we know he’s a walking dildo. At least with Idol, you get the sense that he gets the joke. If not, color me afraid.

This video…

I really don’t even know what to say about this. I’m sure that Santa is weeping…black mascara-filled tears.

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