I’m Not Sure if This is Funny, Sad or Both

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You know, dating can be tough. It ain’t easy finding someone you like and figuring out what would qualify as a good time. It’s confusing and it takes a lot of time and energy.

Well, lucky you, a new Houston-based company is here to solve all that for you. Yes, you too can have a girlfriend…sort of.

RentURGirlfriend.com has the solution. Just rent your girlfriend. All the fun (well, almost) and none of the hassle. You still have to pay for them, but it’s complication free!

Rent UR Girlfriend offers you the chance of enjoying the full companionship of a girlfriend without the awkward getting to know you phase, for a small monthly rate (check out our prices under packages). Your girlfriend will provide you with: flowers that are sent to you, a picture of your girlfriend that is sent to you, two (30) minute phone calls a week to get to know your girlfriend, one email a week sent to you, one letter a month mailed to you, and one (1) hour date a month to progress your friendship with your girlfriend. Customers also have the option of adding extra services for added fees. We also provide customers with dates for a small hourly rate (check out our hourly rate under packages).

That was from the website which offers a lot of different packages that include things like the following:

– Flowers and a card sent to wherever you want once a month.
– A framed picture of your girlfriend.
– Two (30) minute phone calls a week.
– One written letter from your girlfriend sent to wherever you desire.
– One e-mail a week.
– One (1) hour long date a month.

Wow! All that for only 180 bucks? They describe their service very simply:

Rent UR Girlfriend is proud to present, for the first time, a service that gives gentlemen the womanly attention they deserve, for a price in which anyone from any walk of life can afford. If you need a confidence boost in your life, just companionship, or a date for the important business party, or to make an ex-girlfriend jealous, our sexy, charming, and classy ladies can satisfy your needs.

Oh, yeah, that sounds like a winner. I’m sold.

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