I’m in Total Shock and Awe…

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…and it has nothing to do with war in the Middle East. I just got back from seeing Paul McCartney and, honestly, words cannot come close to describing how unbelievable that show was. It was like a religious experience.

Not only was he simply phenomenal, but his band was beyond amazing. Their vocal harmonies and the way they covered classic songs was like being at a Beatles concert.

I cannot even begin to remember everything he did, but here is a list of some of the Beatles songs he did:

Magical Mystery Tour
Sgt. Pepper’s
In the End
Let it Be
Get Back
Hey Jude
Fixing a Hole
Came in Through the Bathroom Window
Please Please Me
Back in the USSR
Drive My Car
Elanor Rigby
I Will
Helter Skelter
Got to Get You Into My Life
Cry For No One
Good Day Sunshine

He did all the big Wings hits – Baby I’m Amazed, Band on the Run, Live and Let Die, etc.

I cried like a baby during a few songs. It was hard not to be just totally overwhelmed by the whole thing.

When they did Good Day Sunshine, he told the story of how that song was played to wake up the Discovery astronauts on their last day in space this summer after all the problems they had and the worries they had about getting home. They played the actual recorded conversation between NASA and the flight commander before doing the song with NASA footage playing on the screens behind them.

When they were done, they actually brought the entire crew of the Discovery on stage to a HUGE roaring standing ovation. Being in Houston has its advantages.

Chris, the guitar player from my band, went with me and he was as overwhelmed as I was. It was like being 10 years old and hearing it for the first time. It really helped to remind me why I became a musician in the first place.

Wow and wow.

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