I Sincerely Hope This is Never One of My Long-Sought Goals

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I saw this on the front page of the Houston Chronicle today and it made me think. I completely understand the fact that war is insane and I’m not placing judgement on anyone’s actions whatsoever. I just see this as one of those headlines that, in context, makes sense, but in normal everyday conversation sounds really odd.

Most people’s personal goals generally include things like finding a better job, losing weight, gaining financial independence, even nailing a three pointer at the buzzer or sex with a supermodel (or government-approved equivalent). Those are fairly standard. When the death of someone is a stated “goal,” it just sounds weird to me.

I certainly hope that killing someone is never a goal of mine, though I’ll admit there have been remote controls that have feared me during Rockets’ playoff series. Not really the same thing I guess, but maybe you should ask the remote.

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