I Like Rednecks, Trailer Parks and Ropin’ Dogies!

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It’s Rodeo Houston time again! Sheeeeeeiiittt! Saddle up pa’dner, cuz it’s time to torture some animals.

I keed, I keed!

But, seriously, it is Rodeo time and it is time to eat lots of beef, dress like an idiot and yell “YEEEEHAWWW!” without the general public thinking you are more of a moron than usual.

I find the rodeo kind of humerous. It isn’t really offensive to me or anything. People can do whatever they like. And, it even pisses me off a little when people not from Houston (like dem carpetbagger yankess from Neeewww Yeork Citee!) give us shit for it.

I’ll probably even go to the Livestock Show this year to take pictures of the folk and cattle. I even played the bar-b-que cookoff last year despite the fact I can’t eat any of what they make. 🙂

Always an interesting time in Houston though. It is that time when we really do resemble the people most of the rest of the country think we are already. Power suits with bolo ties, cowboy hats and boots. Hell, yes, I shot JR! What are you gonna do about it city slicker? And you’re darn tootin’ that I have an oil well.

So, enjoy yourselves, cowpokes, until it’s time for the rodeo to mosey off into the sunset again. Ya’ll be good now, ya hear?

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