“I hope your familyes burn in a wooden box full of shit and rats”

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Angry Baby (PromotingLinux.com)I’ve gotten some angry emails over the years of working in web development. I’m sure most of us have heard from bosses and clients and weird guys on the street.

When I was in New York last year, a driver, clearly unhappy with the performance of the person in the car in front of him yelled out, “You drive like a bitch…(pause for effect)…FROM JERSEY!”

So, we all have our moments when anger overtakes us and we deliver our own version of “HULK ANGRY! HULK SMASH!” But, this guy takes the cake and the pie and every other dessert confection you can muster.

My good friend forwarded this to me (no edits – this is exactly how it appeared when sent). It was sent to the help desk of a software company due to some apparent issues the customer was having. Note the flawless use of grammar and how he describes the screen as a “he” and even quotes “him.”


i don’t know what’s happening but i’m really piss off so fuck you you piecies of shit, sons of a whore, motherfuckers, i hate burocracy and that is what you are doing with this shit of a program, go fuck yourselfs, i don’t care if you going to get me a virus or try to revenge youre fucking idiots, and i can’t stand such stupid assholes anymore, i try to register in a blog wiht this shit of a program and it sent me to your fucking page of fucking log in because i wasn’t registerd i was sent to the register room, you fucks, and after i register in a million ways, with google(wich was pretty eaasy!) i went to your fucking room of register and it give me a message that i was using google, i turn google of, i go back again he says “you use capital letters or any other kind of letters so fuck off or use your mail wich it wont work or call us motherfuckers to see if we give a dam” so that was what i did, and i don’t care if youre going to fix this, fuck you sons of whores i hope your sons dye and your familyes burn in a wooden box full of shit and rats, and your dothers be raped, fuck you tu eternity, and be glad with your dicks uppered to your brains, kiss my ass with the best regards…

I’m glad he gives them his best regards. For a minute, I thought he meant ill of them.

Photo via PromotingLinux.com

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