I Am SO Ready for October

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There are so many things completely unappealling about this time of year. The heat, the humidity, baseball…I keed. I keed.

Actually, baseball is great. But, the LACK of basketball and the waiting for football might go in there. Oh, and did I mention that it was the heart of hurricane season? No?

Between August 15 and October 1, hurricanes are in the forefront of the mind of those of us along the Texas coast. In reality, the hurricane season lasts from June through the end of November, but the busiest and most deadly time of year for storms is August 15 through October 15. I limit it to the first of October because it is very uncommon for hurricanes to impact Texas after October 1.

We are closing in on the end of September and we’ve already had a scare with Ernesto that now appears to be heading for a collision course with central Florida. The first week of September will, no doubt, be busy as models are forecasting the formation of a couple of storms out in the Atlantic.

The good news is that, like what we saw from Debby, the chances of those storms recurving out into the Atlantic Ocean is probably greater for a number of reason I won’t mention because they are probably boring to you non weather geeks. Suffice it to say, it leaves the eastern US coastline and Florida more vulerable to hurricanes than the central and western Gulf coasts.

But, we still have to wait out a month or so until we can sound the (nearly) all-clear. I have my pre-cut lumber, bottled water, travel plans and additional cat carriers if I need to evacuate, so I’m prepared whatever happens. It’s just such a pain.

The good news is that when the hurricane season relents, we get the reward of the absolute best time of the year for Houston – October through December. Temps begin dropping, we get beautiful, cool weather and the holidays approach. If we could just bypass the death zone of August and September each year. Perhaps I should save my money for a second house where I can live for two months of the year away from the heat and hurricanes. Hmmm…

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