I Am “A Beef Jerk Fly”

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There was this scene in National Treasure where Nicholas Cage manages to put some invisible dye on the fingers of this hot girl so he can use a magic flashlight to see the letters she used for a passcode to the diagnostics room for the Delcaration of Independence. What is the relevance you may ask?

Well, his geeky sidekick runs the letters she entered into an anagram filter and gives Cage the responses so he can figure out the code. He determines through the inner working of his crazy little mind that her passcode is valleyforge, but no doubt the anagram filter helped.

Anyway, after that long and pretty stupid intro, I give you the Internet Anagram Server. I tried running my name, but it gave no responses. Damn two f’s!!! So, I ran Jeffrey instead of Jeff and, voilia, I got my number one anagram – A Beef Jerk Fly.

That basically sums up everything I think.

Just for grins, I ran George Bush and got:

Beer Gush Go
Beers Ugh Go
Beg Shoe Rug
Begs Gore Uh

Among many others.

Run your own and see what you get. Of course, let me know.

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