How Not to Make a Flyer

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I’m out for a wog today – that’s some walking and some jogging for the un-initiated. I’m heading back down 12th Street and I see this flyer posted on a telephone pole.

Knowing the Heights, I figure it is for a lost dog or cat and I walk over to take a look hoping that maybe I can help. What I saw was perhaps the worst concept for a flyer…evar!

Here’s the flyer:


Female – Black Collar


That’s all you list on the flyer? Ok, first, I WANT to assume this isn’t a human they found. If it is and she’s only wearing a black collar, I’m guessing their best bet is to take her back to the S&M club where they found her.

But let’s just go with the theory for the moment that the animal in question is not of the homo sapien variety. If that is the case, uh, could you be a little more specific? Perhaps the species would be a nice start – dog, cat, bird, monkey, sewer rat, cockroach…something.

Then, just a thought, maybe a description – color, size…throw me a freakin’ bone here (or the dog…if it is a dog).

I mean, I’m not marketing expert, but this seems like a pretty poorly-worded advertisement. But, that’s just me.

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