Houston Press Music Awards 2006

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I have zero personal interest in the Showcase this year. I have friends playing in it, but I’m not all that involved, which means there is plenty to see with no attachment. Woot!

The Houston Press Music Awards Showcase is this Sunday downtown at various clubs and a “Hooters” stage. Whatevs. The only reason it is on Sunday is because the clubs don’t trust the music scene enough to produce the kind of alcohol revenue they can get from just being bars and dance clubs on Friday or Saturday night. Sadly (or not so sadly depending upon how you look at it), they are probably right.

You can get the entire schedule here but I’ll give you my list of bands I want to see.


Lee Alexander
Very talented pop singer/songwriter and a super nice guy. Extremely deserving.

Honorable Mentions: Casino, Bo Jones


Folky singer/songwriter with real writing chops.

Honorable Mentions: Vibe Committee, Kemo for Emo, Los Skarnales, Flying Fish Sailors


Tody Castillo
Three people I’ve seen quite a few times play at 6pm, but I’ll opt for Tody since I’ve seen him the least of the three. All would be worth it.

Honorable Mentions: Drop Trio, Arthur Yoria


Probably the best choice at this time slot or maybe time for pizza break.

Honorable Mentions: Lisa Novak, SkyBlue72


Luther and the Healers
A little blues never hurt anybody.

Honorable Mention: Satin Hooks, Southern Blacktones, Opie Hendricks


John Evans
I like Evans’ music quite a bit and he’s always great live.

Honorable Mention: Chango Jackson, Spain Colored Orange, Deep Ella, The Hollisters

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