Houston Musicians Helping NOLA Players

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A few months back, I was in Louisiana for a gig with Paisley Close and drummer Leesa Harrington-Squyres and I drove into New Orleans to go to Tipatina’s.

While there, we were fortunate enough to see the CD release of the legendary trumpeter/singer, Kermit Ruffin, and his reunion with the even more legendary brass band, the Rebirth Brass Band.

This was a truly memorable experience for me. Not only was the music fantastic, but I got to experience New Orleans in a way I hadn’t in years. I even took a ton of pictures of the show.

Now, we Houston musicians have a chance to help give back to our fellow players from NOLA. Formed in the last day is NOAH, New Orleans and Houston, a group dedicated to helping aid musicians from the Big Easy.

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz music, the one truly American artform, and the French Quarter has played host to and given birth to some of the most brilliant jazz musicians of the last 50 years.

It is only fitting that we give back in some small way to help support our fellow musicians who are struggling.

For more information, send an email to jazztexan@yahoo.com or simply join them for their organization meeting and event this Saturday, September 2 at Trinity Episcopal Church located at Main and Holman.

What a great idea!

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