House Construction Just Totally Insane…or is it me?

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Over the past week, there have been construction workers climbing all over my house replacing the roof, tearing into the siding, repairing rotten beams, repairing electrical outlets…crazy.

With the rain, the noise and the incredible mess, I wonder just what will be left of me and my house when it’s over.

I will give credit to the workers. Mike of Miguel Del Los Santos Construction has been outstanding. He’s given me a very fair deal and has been out here every day managing his guys. They’ve worked extremely quickly and been completely professional.

Today, Fidel Angel Velasquez with Blue Jay Electric Services gave me a very good deal on replacing my VERY old breaker box.

My house is undergoing a re-birth of sorts. When it is done, my roof will be replaced, all the rotting wood will be gone, there will be fresh coats of paint on the siding and the electrical will have been overhauled. I’m thinking next week it will feel worth it.

Right now, the house is a wreck and the outside looks like a bomb hit it.

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