Hot Town, Cool City

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Everyone knows I’m an unabashed cheerleader for Houston. Here’s another chance. A group has filmed a documentary about H-Town called Hot Town, Cool City that focuses on the unique aspects of this place we call home.

From the website…

Houston’s people are not just friendly -they are intimate -the City and its people are intimate, passionate, and diverse. It is the power of these qualities which makes Houston a COOL CITY. The passions of artists, chefs, philanthropists, business owners, and individuals have built a city of hidden gems that are right out in the open. When we read between the lines defined by the freeways we find a treasure map, with those gems waiting to be discovered.

On the surface Houston is about big oil, NASA, big medicine, big sports, big freeways, hot summers, and humidity. Behind that facade is a network of Cool- Houston is down to earth but still international, sophisticated, cutting edge, avant-garde and world class. The new documentary, Hot Town, Cool City, attempts to answer the question- Why Houston?

They even use local music from faves like Milton Hopkins, Arthur Yoria and Tony Vega.

On the website, you can view, comment on and even add your own unique Houston landmarks. Very cool.

Word is they’ll be showing a premiere of the film this Thursday at the River Oaks Theater, but I don’t know if that is correct. I’ll get back with details.

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