Holidays are Coming – Time for Crazy Toys

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When I was a kid in the 70’s, there were always the bizarre toys. From Star Wars action figures to Stretch Armstrong to Hot Wheels, it was always something. I got the feeling toys had become much more sophisticated, but…

I’m watching TV and there’s an ad that looked strangely like a toy ad from my childhood. Think Hungry, Hungry Hippos meets Masters of the Universe action figures. The ad was for this:

Slimecano from Hot Wheels

Seriously, Slimecano!

As you might guess, it is a volcano that spews slime instead of lava. To make it more exciting, Hot Wheels plastic tracks encircle the jagged mountain propelled by a spring-loaded gun at the top.

Miss a bridge out, you go down with the slime. Go down to fast, the lava slime mows you down. Gross but effective.

I thought these types of silly, yet awesome toys were gone forever. Thankfully, Hot Wheels is keeping the dream alive.

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