Hey, It’s a Brand New Blog!

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Ok, kids, it’s time for a brand new blog. Woot! Powered by Simple PHP Blog (a kick ass program), this is it.

Just for reference, most things are the same, but there are a few additions to note.

First, for those interested, my RSS feed is back up and working, so, add away. Second, you’ll note that the links at the top of the page now go to different pages. The blog software I’m using has a content manager in it so everything can be controlled through here. Nifty.

Third, you no longer have to click “Full Story” to read the whole entry. Like a normal blog, everything is right here on the page. Fourth, you can comment as usual – note the spam protection where you have to enter a number when you comment – but you can also rate threads by clicking one of the little buttons that looks like this below each post:

Just click one of the little gray buttons to rate the post.

Fifth, you’ll note the “Permalink” under each thread. This, for those not used to blogs, links directly to this post in the blog. Sixth, if you see a “Related Link” below any post, for those not used to blogs, that is a link related to the post itself – usually a news story or something of that nature.

Finally, you can browse through the archives using the calendar view in the right column towards the bottom, view the posts by category – yep, they are divided up now – or search for any word or string of words. Pretty cool, eh?

I have not entered all of my previous blog posts and comments quite yet. I hope to have that done in the next couple of days and then they will all be searchable. I’m missing a big chunk of 2005 at the moment, but I’m getting there.


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