Happy NamBloPoMo! It’s Like Festivus for Bloggers

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NamBloPoMoApparently, November is NamBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. This happens to collide with NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. In NaNoWriMo, your job as a good and tidy writer is to write an entire novel. Given the fact that most of us Gen X’ers were born with the ADD gene (recently discovered) and really have only the time and/or patience (my money’s on patience) to read anything beyond pamphlets about great Jewish-American sports heroes, NamBloPoMo makes more sense.

But, what is with the names? I thought I’d do a little research because isn’t NBPM and NNWM easier than all this MamBloWriPoHo or whatever the hell?

Obviously, it is important not to be confused with another acronym. I’m thinking the NRA would be less than thrilled if the Nude Riders of America were to co-opt the name. I think it would be hilarious and terrifying to have Chuck Heston as suddenly the poster boy for nude bicycle riding instead of people who shoot stuff, but I digress.

After a little searching, it turns out that NBPM.com is registered to National Business Process Management. Not a big stretch here and kudos to them for bagging the acronym for their name since most of them were bought up like 10 years ago.

But, the interesting one is NNWM.com. If the writers wanted that name, they’d need to battle the Non-Nude Webmaster Resource. Somehow, I can’t see the novel writers duking it out against a group that wants to keep their sites vagina and penis free, but would I ever love to see it. You can read the rules yourself if you have time and want me to love you more.

Can you imagine a bunch of bookish, librarian-type chicks fighting a bunch of babes in turtle necks and long skirts…in jell-o…naked? I can, but I have issues.

Alright, bloggers, get bizzay and write some crazy crap in your blog. That’s what this month is all about. We don’t need no stinkin’ turkey. We have the glow of our computer screens and the haze of a caffeine-induced high to keep us warm.

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