Happy Holla-Days!

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Over the weekend, K and I had quite the festive time. On Friday night, we went down to 19th Street in the Heights to the Dickens in the Heights holiday celebration. We drank hot chocolate at Cricket’s Creamery, walked in the shops, watched some bellydancers and even met up with good ol’ St. Nick. Mainly, we took a lot of pictures. I’m posting all of them (eventually) to a Flickr set I’m calling Happy Holla-days! much like this post. I’m very original and never repetitive…never repetitive.

On Saturday, we made it over ot the Yale Street Market to check in on our friends Christine and Elaine, who had their first even for their photo business. Great pictures. K even picked one up for herself.

We sat around that evening watching holiday movies. We didn’t get through all of them, but enjoyed the quiet.

On Sunday, we nearly bored ourselves to death watching the Texans. Damn, that sucked to watch. We then just hung around and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Tonight, I have a photo shoot with the band – should be fun.

Here are a couple samples from the Holla-Day set.

Cash at Christmas

Completely In My Ornament

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