Happy 420 You Pot Smoking Freaks

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Ok, so it is 420 day again. I don’t smoke mother nature’s herb, but I have plenty of friends who do which is fine with me. I’m even playing the freakin’ NORML benefit this weekend for the legalization of marijuana. Hey, it should be legal.

What I find ironic is that weed is less addictive than alcohol, FAR less deadly than either alcohol or cigarettes and, unlike distilled spirits and nicotine, completely all-natural.

Now, that doesn’t make it good for you. I have plenty of friends who would be a lot better off without it. But, I’d be alot better off if I didn’t drink Dr. Pepper like it was water. We all have our vices – some more serious than others.

Logic tells us that a less-addictive and less-harmful substance than its legal counterparts should, in fact, be legal. Rather than busting pot heads, let cops spend their time on more important crime issues. But, when has the legal system ever been accused of logic? Sigh.

Personally, I wouldn’t smoke weed even if it were legal. I rarely drink and it’s legal, so I can’t see myself overly interested in getting stoned. But that shouldn’t preclude anyone else from doing it.

So, smoke away you happy weed maniacs. Enjoy your 420.

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