Guitars Take a Long Time

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Chris and I got together today to work on guitar tracks for both bands. He got some great tracks together, but it takes a long time to get them…

We recorded his Mesa Boggie 50 watt combo and 1×12 extension speaker with a Sennheiser mic built just for guitar and the Rode NT2. We got great sounds out of them.

I also got a chance to get the feel for Digital Performer. I’m going to put that on my computer in a couple weeks when I get my new computer for the office.

Well, we worked for like 5 hours and only managed to finish up 3 songs and it really wasn’t Chris’ fault. He did a great job. It just takes time to layer in guitar parts and get the sounds right.

One thing that will definitely help is when I get my room back in shape and my computer system set up. Then, I’ll be able to record tracks at my place, giving us multiple options for convenience. Chris has a nice place, but it is way out on the north side of town and it would be nice if I could cut down the number of drives out there to around half what I have now.

Plus, we could record things here at my place on rehearsal days since he has to drive up here anyway.

Mainly, I want the chance to play around with ideas here and not be completely beholden to him. He needs to use his room to make money anyway and, other than Peter’s project, he isn’t getting paid when our bands are in there. It will be good for everyone.

I have to admit that the sounds we are getting are pretty impressive over there. As he continues to organize his studio and I get mine back up and running, we will definitely be able to get a lot accomplished.

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