Guess Who is Going to Paul McCartney???

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If you guessed me, you are freaking correct!!! WOO HOO! Chris and I have been mixing the orange is in CD all week with Steve Christensen from Sugar Hill Studios and he’s been talking all week about the fact he was going.

I’ve never seen Sir Paul before and I’m a Beatle freak, so I managed to wrangle some tickets.

The show is sold out and I wasn’t sure about going to scalper…ER…ticket brokers. I didn’t want to pay $1000 for my ticket. But, I was willing to pay a couple hundred bucks. I mean, this is freaking Paul McCartney. Dude was a Beatle!

I called a friend who works for the Rockets and asked if she knew of any way to land seats. She managed to get put on the hold list. When most concerts and sporting events sell tickets, they hold back anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred tickets until the couple days prior to the event. This is done in case VIP’s need tickets or if radio stations give them away, etc.

On Thursday, she emailed and said she managed to get some. When I called to check where, I found out we were on the 19th row right to the left of the stage. HOLY CRAP!

She is now my new hero (thanks, Erin!). 🙂

Both Chris and I have said that we’ll probably scream like 15-year-old girls and cry over selected songs. I even dreamt last night that I was sitting around with Amy (my violin player) and her husband, Bernard, who both play together in Paisley Close, and we were playing “She Loves You” acoustically. I love how the freaking brain works.

Ok, I know I’ve said the word “freaking” multiple times, but it is only because I’m freaking out over going and I have been to probably a couple hundred “concerts” and many, many more smaller club shows.

Dude, it’s freaking Paul McCartney!!!

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