Great Show in Austin

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The orange is in show at Momo’s in Austin was a success despite a false start and an equipment malfunction. But, you just have to roll with it and hope for the best. I really like playing Austin. It just has such a different energy from Houston.

So, we got started a little late because Chris has a cold (who doesn’t?) and Leesa had a false alarm emergency. But, we got in a brief acoustic rehersal and hit the road.

We got into Austin around 6pm and had dinner at Katz’s Deli. Mmmmmm…deli. Got set up and did a brief sound check.

When we got up to play, my bass started freaking out. I ended up just playing fretless the whole night. I originally thought it was the amp, but about two songs into the set, I realized what it was – the pickups I installed a few weeks back use a battery and it was dying. DOH!

Anyway, got through a good set and got a good response all around.

Austin just has a live music vibe. Even at 7pm, there were people on the streets and bands were already playing. Having all that on a few blocks makes such a HUGE difference, which is why musicians have, for so long, wished for an area like 6th Street or Dallas’ Deep Ellum here in Houston.

It appears that Main Street is headed in that direction and that’s great, but I sincerely hope that live musicians get as many opportunities on Main Street as they do on 6th.

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