Great Gig or Happy Birthday, Your Truck Has Been Towed

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Well, the night was 50/50. orange is in had a great gig with Pale and Arthur Yoria and I turned 36 at midnight, but my truck got towed. So, it seemed to balance out or something.

First off, the guys from Pale and Yoria were great. They were tremendous bands and equally great as people. We hope to do more gigs with them.

Second, it was a great showing. Thanks to all who made it, particularly Ian from Drop Trio and the Houston Musicians Roundtable (all the folks that made it from that group in fact) and some of my good friends.

The gig was a really great experience and we got tons of compliments from a lot of people. One person who was tight with Pale and Arthur said that both of them weren’t sure what to expect from us because they hadn’t seen or heard us before, but that when we hit the stage, they were blown away.

It was that kind of night musicially. We really were very powerful and got more compliments tonight on our songs than we have maybe in the entire time we’ve been together. Great gig!

And, yes, May 7 is my birthday. Yay! I’m the ripe young age of 36 now and officially at the halfway point of the average male life expectancy. How exciting.

My friend Laura in Dallas sent me this wonderful birthday box of fun. It was just awesome with party hats, streamers, a nerf basketball goal and other assorted goodies. She rocks!

I hope to have a nice birthday – lunch with dad, watch the game with my friend Chris and then out with my bud, Angie. So, all is well. Now, if I can just get my truck back…

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