Great Day of Recording on Saturday

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Twas quite a weekend. On Saturday, I went to Chris’ house to record some songs of his that we had done in our now defunct project, Slapshifter. I don’t blame Chris for wanting to get them down. They are good songs and worth having on…cd, you know what I mean.

Anyway, we set up drums in the front room of his house pushing all the furniture out of the way. We got really some amazing drum sounds and all with our own mics, cables, stands, preamps, etc. We did use one Universal Audio preamp that Steve Christensen (engineer and mixdown guru) brought out, but that was it.

I encouraged Chris to hire Steve for the day. Steve works primarily at Sugar Hill Studios, but he’s done some work out at Chris’ studio as well and with all the effort that has to go into recording basic tracks for anything, especiall since Chris also had to play guitar, having an engineer to handle a lot of the sonic and technical details in invaluable.

We got tracks for 8 songs and the drums sound amazing. All in all, a great day. We learned that we can get great drum sounds out there and don’t really have to worry about going to a bigger studio to do them now. Woot!

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