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Ok, so I’m not a huge baseball fan, but damn, the Astros really look special this season. We’ve already had the Super Bowl here and we’re going to have the baseball all-star game at Minute Maid Park this summer, could a world series be next…

I’ve never been a big baseball fan, but I follow the Astros because their the home-town team and I am without question a big-ass homer.

But, this season seems different. We’re only 30+ games into a season that is, what, 5,283 games long, right? But, still. I admit that I was skeptical Roger Clements could be a significant help at 41, but the guy is arguably the best pitcher in baseball right now.

Pettite is coming around after his injury. Dotel has been closing well and the bullpen has been solid. Even more importantly, the offense has been rolling. How in the world is it that Craig Biggio leads the team in almost every statistical category? The guy is a machine this season.

I know they are going to have ups and downs all year. That is the nature of sports. But, it has been quite a start for them. Here’s to keeping it up.

Oh, and if you want to read the inside stuff on the ‘Stros, try these websites:

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