Glad Not to Have a Daugher in Private School

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I went to the store this morning to pick up cold medication (sniff) and there were some kids out front selling baked goods probably for some school function.  This is pretty normal at the store near me and nothing really worthy of a blog post.

But, these were two teenage girls in Catholic uniforms and it got me to wondering: when are schools going to figure out that these uniforms are no longer considered among the most chaste and virtuous of garments?  These same uniforms barely clothed Brittney Spears in her first video and hang on racks right beside the “naughty nurse” and thong bikini pirate costumes.

(Bad joke moment: Why do pirates need thongs?  To hold their booty.  Yeah, I made it up.)

I remember talking with the daughter of a friend of mine who had gone to my old high school.  The school (a private parochial school) makes everyone wear uniforms including the girls, who routinely hem their dresses up in the back so that when they bend over, you can see their undies.  Classy.  Schools argue over shirts with smiley faces, jeans that are too low and guys with facial hair, but somehow the classic Catholic school girl uniform is ok?
I think the rule about school uniforms should be that if strippers wear them for visual stimulus and women wear them at Halloween to look “slutty,” they aren’t ok for high school attire.

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