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A lot going on musically lately and I wanted to fill everyone in on the latest.

Music has been taking up an awful lot of my time recently. Generally, that’s a good thing. But, it has been tough over the past month or two juggling too many projects.

In the mid-90’s, I played in as many as 5 or 6 different projects at once. Some were full-fledged bands (the Basics, the Surrealtors, Under the Sun) and others were just side projects (Sancho, J Jac Morrell, Tony Vila, Shannon McGarrity), but they all took time for rehearsal, recording, playing, etc.

Now, I’m involved in 4 projects: my two bands (orange is in and SlapShifter) and two side projects (recording and occassionally sitting in for Stacey Steger and producing Peter Scafidi). The good news is that I’m just about done with Stacey’s project and I’m about a month away, at most, from finishing Peter’s project.

Stacey is a skilled writer and she has a cool stage persona. I’ve compared her to Gwen Stefani singing Liz Phair songs but without the sex and curse words. 🙂

Peter’s project is coming along well. We had to do some re-cutting of drums, but we should be one to vocals by next week with overdubs to follow shortly. I’m hoping for mixdown in mid-August.

As for the others, SlapShifter is playing tonight at the Rhythm Room opening for Guy Forsyth, a really cool guitarist from Austin. We are just about done with our “demo” which seems like it has taken as much time as most folks take to do records. 🙂 We also got some cool live pictures taken of us by a friend of mine, Leland Isley.

orange is in has been busy rehearsing and taking band pics:

Leland took those as well as our live pictures.

We kind of put off the recording until Chris can get out from under the other project he and I both have. We will shoot to finish up in late August and early September.

I think both bands are really getting good. We are starting to understand each other a little better and the songs are much tighter, so it is really starting to get fun.

Don’t forget to check my gigs” target=”_blank” > to see where I am playing.

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