Getting Peter’s Demo Lined Up

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I’ve been working on a project for my brother-in-law, Peter Scafidi, an excellent singer/songwriter, and I finally managed to get the pieces together for the recording sessions.

We go in on May 26th with two great drummers – Robbie Parrish and Leesa Harrington Squyers. Robbie and I have played together in numerous bands over the years including the Basics. Lessa and I currently work together in both SlapShifter and orange is in.

Robbie will play drums on two songs and add hand percussion and a snare drum loop on those two plus one other. Leesa will likely cut at least four of the seven songs we are doing for this demo.

I’m playing bass and we are doing the whole thing at my guitarist’s, Chris Rogers, studio, where we are cutting demos for the other bands aas well.

We also have our violinist, Amy Price, coming in with her quartet to do some string arrangements and that should be cool.

I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s read on these songs. I’m positive I’ve gotten the right people. Robbie is an amazing singer/songwriter drummer. He knows exactly what to play on ballads and folksy stuff. Leesa will give Peter’s music the rockin’ kick in the ass it needs. Right now, all that he is lacking is a little boost of energy and that is something Leesa has for days.

Should be a very fun project. Hope to be done by the end of June.

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